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School and Education

A world of knowledge on Display

A mark of a modern establishment, a digital signage network fits extremely well in a place where knowledge is born. Keep the students, staff and guests well-informed on the most recent and vital information using digital displays throughout campus.


Flexible digital announcement boards

Flexible digital announcement boards allow you to periodically share all sorts of information, spanning from general announcements to class and transport schedules - all easily updated. Management of content across several locations is also an option.


Advertise special offers for students

Advertise special offers for students in the cafeteria, in shops on and off campus, for tutoring or any other service you choose. Selling advertising space is a secondary source of income.


Important news or emergency alerts

Inform students about important news or emergency alerts. You can advertise events or fundraisers and keep your students up to date on activities they’d like to part-take in.


Engage students in activities of interest

Engage students in activities of interest. The information structure of universities and schools can greatly benefit from a digital network which exposes students to information they may be interested in.


Provide directions

Provide directions for newcomers and help them find their way around campus more easily. Digital screens are a lot more flexible than the old pen and paper, meaning lower costs when it comes to updating information. Interactive maps turn the maze into a straightforward path. Here are only some ways how digital signage can be efficiently used in education establishments:

• Information and advertisement for students, staff, and guests
• Important announcements, news or alerts in case of emergency
• Easy event advertising
• Directions for getting around campus, can include interactive components
• Schedules for classes and transport if needed


Digital signage is efficient

Digital signage is efficient, which resolves one of the main concerns of schools when it comes to investments. Being able to attract attention, motivate and set an individual in motion, digital signage proves itself to be a smart investment.


Digital signage

Digital signage has many uses in an establishment of education. A digital network can be used to create a campus wide connection, to advertise, to make event planning easier, to provide wayfinding or it can even be used for social media to reach out.

There are plenty of other uses for digital signage on a college campus, at a high school or university